A "how-to" look at the awesome effects that make the Animal Grappler .


When Erwin beans the rattlesnake on the head he is tossing air. In a few frames, the real bottle (which he dropped with his left hand) can be seen on the ground behind his foot as he walks away.

First, the scene was shot with Darrell yelling at the snake and finally winging his arm toward the marker for the snake with his right hand as he hides the bottle with his left and drops it to the ground behind his left leg. In post production, a 3D virtual snake was added in and animated to appear to strike at the camera.

At the point, where Erwin begins to fling his arm, a 3D model of the beer bottle was added and animated to follow his hand and arm movement, tumble through the air and eventually bop the snake on the head.

Again, texture, bump and transparency UV maps were created from photos of actual rattlesnake hide and applied to the model snake.

The bottle was made green and fifty percent transparent with a high specularity and gloss. The lable was applied from a photograph and a reflection map was made from the scenic background to give the bottle a realistic glass surface.

The final stage was to add a motion blur filter and now Erwin appears to make a one in a million shot to the small head of the rattlesnake with his beer bottle.
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