A "how-to" look at the awesome effects that make the Animal Grappler .

This episode called for five times the animation and compositing than our previous episode. All of the underwater footage including the Mako shark, Erwin on his speeder sub and various other sea creatures would have to be created and animated in the computers.

Aside from removing the shorelines, other computer composites would have to be created. Erwin's one and a half gainer off the side of the boat was an impossible task for any stunt person, so a CGI Erwin was animated instead. A 3D replica of the boat had to be animated in sync with the real boat, as well, in order to create Erwin's shadow on the bow as he launched upward.

After the stunt footage of actor Cliff Barrineau was shot, images of the Mako gnashing at him were composited into the scene as he becomes the bait for the hungry shark. Cliff's boat ride was real and performed on a January day, where the temperatures dipped into the low forties.


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