A "how-to" look at the awesome effects that make the Animal Grappler .

Bo's garage was constructed within our tiny sound stage. A mock up prop of the computer generated torpedo sub had to be made as did the Grapplervision helmet, along with various tools and things that would be found in a garage.

The trick here was that we did not want to deal with the weight of a V8 engine on the prop sub, so rather than sculpt a detailed engine, David decided that we would attempt to composite a CGI engine in post. The results were better than anticipated, especially when the flash from the arc welder were added to the CGI engine in sync with the strobe used to simulate the torch.

If we weren't trying to drown Bo (actor, Cliff Barrineau), we were trying to set him ablaze. In this scene, Bo was supposed to be lighting a cigarette while pouring gas into the sub and the gasoline would ignite. This was all fine and good, but the scene also called for Erwin to be unaware of the blaze behind him, all the while telling what the episode was about. It took quite a few takes to get all to go off without a hitch and needless to say no one was hurt, but Cliff is still attempting to grow back the singed hair on his arms.

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